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MRA committees offer our members the opportunity to learn more about a topic, network with others  from around the state, explore new ideas, meet advocates, authors, teachers, practitioners and others interested in the same topic, and work collaboratively on advancing that topic through blog posts, community events, conference sessions and workshops. Feel free to contact the Committee chair(s) or President, Marlene Correia. MRA would love to add your professional and creative voice to the conversation. MRA Committees include:  Adolescent Literacy, Bylaws, Diversity, Government Relations, ELL, International Projects, Literacy Coaches, Publications, Publicity,  RTI/MTSS, Studies and Research MRA Scholarships: Donald L. Landry Undergraduate/Graduate Student, Sylvia Brown Research MRA Council Awards: Sister Madelon Service, Minigrants ILA Awards: Celebrate Literacy, Exemplary Reading, Honor Council




  • Advance the quality of adolescent literacy instruction throughout the state of Massachusetts





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BYLAWS ~ Jo Ann Thompson, Chair, Past President

Bylaws Publications

  • Assist the organization with governance issues
  • Use and update the MRA Handbook current and future needs



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  • Work to increase social, , racial, and linguistic diversity of the MRA membership and leadership


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ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS ~ Pam Shufro, Andrea Cayson Chairs

ELL Chairs

  • Serve as liaison to MATSOL (Massachusetts Educators of English Language Learners) and MABE (Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education)
  • Share information about English Language Learners by connecting literacy and (ESL) professionals and informing about research-based instructional practices

Other ELL Resources

July 2015

A valuable professional development resource is the Professional Learning Communities Facilitator’s Guide, a guide developed by REL Southwest as a companion piece to the English learner practice guide. Videos, handouts, and other resources enable users to develop a working knowledge of some of the best practice recommendations in the English learner practice guide by analyzing teaching vignettes and participating in other interactive activities.

Webinar on the Newest WWC Practice Guide on Teaching English Learners by IES Understanding Language

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FAMILIES and EARLY CHILDHOOD LITERACY~Valerie Hytholt, Liz O’Donnell, Chairs
  • Strengthen communication between home and school
  • Focus attention on the importance of reading to children and positive adult reading models


Family Literacy Tips!

“How Ten Minutes Per Day Can Tame the Entitlement Trend” by Amy McCready, founder of PositiveParentingSolutions.com and the author of  The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World

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GOVERNMENT RELATIONS ~ Evelyn Wall, Past President, Karen Diaz Chairs 


  • Advocate for legislation that will improve literacy  through responding to state and federal lawmakers, Department of Education officials, and through MRA publications
  • Provide guidelines for writing and visiting lawmakers, telephone interviews and other persuasive written documents

How to Become More Informed or Involved

The ILA’s Legislative Action Team (LAT) is a national network of ILA members who advocate for legislation that promotes literacy and quality reading instruction. You can join the LAT through online registration at ILA and, as a member, you will receive regular updates from ILA on the educational issues being addressed.

Advocacy Award Information
Massachusetts Legislative Site

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HISTORIAN ~ Elaine Bukowiecki,  Chair, Past President


    • Facilitate the process and work with archivist, Mr. Orson Kingsley, at Bridgewater State University.



Archive Information

Since May 2010, Michael Somers, Director of Library Services at Bridgewater State University, has archived MRA’s historical artifacts at the University’s Clement C. Maxwell Library. Digitized and paper copies of MRA publications, awards, and position statements are among the archived material.

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ILA Exemplary Rdg

About the Award
Application Forms and Information


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ILA EXEMPLARY READING ~ Cami Condie, Pattie Kelly, Chairs

Exemplary Reading

About the Award
Application Forms and Information


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ILA Honor Council ~ Nancy Meagher, ILA Coordinator, Past President

Nancy Meagher

ILA Application Forms, Information, Guidelines


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INTERNATIONAL Projects ~ Leandra Elion, Chair

International Projects

  • Promote and facilitate donations for international literacy projects 




Please visit the websites of the organizations and follow, like and connect with them on social media.

Family Literacy Project  http://www.familyliteracyproject.co.za/

African Storybook http://www.africanstorybook.org/

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